magento extension development company
Magento extension development company

If you would like to build up an eCommerce Website for your business performance growth, Magento platform is one of the best recommendations to create an online store which helps you to sell your own products effectively by both online and offline marketing. Magento is a useful application for any kinds of the business, because Magento developers community have been producing more and more Magento Extensions which support to solve website management problems and add extent application for your website. To develop a new feature on Magento, there is only way that you have to develop Magento Extension. Each Magento Extension is developed to widen one or some special website functions based on the demand of an online store. If you are developer, you can find for Magento Extension Development guide to develop a extension. Or you could find for a Magento Extension Development company to do that.

To develop a new Magento Extension which has many complex features, you need some professional Magento developers, who have solid knowledge from default to special Magento functions. Especially, they also must has sciolism and experiences about Zend framework (Zend is core of Magento). Nowadays, it is very hard to have a internal Magento developers team to manage your ecommerce website. Hire an expert Magento developer to work full time and offline is too hard. Only big eCommerce companies have enough financial resources. So what is solution to has a dedicated Magento developer to save your money? The best ways is hire online Magento Developer. This is selection of many ecommerce companies and Magento development companies in Euro and USA.

We are Globo Company – one of the best Magento extension development company. We have dedicated Magento developers who has many year on Magento extension development. Please review some Magento Extensions, produced by our Magento Extension Developers, such as

Magento Search Extension: Valuable to optimize product searching in Magento platform. This module helps you to quick search by a product attribute or a product category. You also can use it in CMS page. Popular search suggestions based on what other people type, Personal search history based on what a visitor previously searched, Advanced word matching search and typo correction for search terms. You can see the extension on the site:

Magento Hotel Booking Extension: Admin can create multiple Hotels and Rooms. Admin can set the percent for the pre-booking. Admin can create multiple Room Types and Groups Admin can enable or disable the pre-booking feature. Admin can do the normal booking from the back-end as well. The customer can see room images, per day charge, room availability and amenities provided by the Hotels. Availability Calendar is a present, which displays the number of rooms available on a particular date. The customer can search or filter the rooms by price range and amenities. Customer or buyers can do pre-bookings for the Hotel rooms. On the checkout page, the customer can see Room details, Hotel name, cost per day, the number of requested rooms, Booking duration, the number of days and sub-total. You can see the extension on the site:

Magento Request a Quote Extension: User can request a quote from the front-end or admin can start quotations from the Magento back-end. Admin is able to negotiate the price with the user then converts the quote to cart and order. You can see the extension on live site here:

Magento Car Rental Extension: Allow user can rent a car and select how many days and hours that they what to rent. Final price will depend on time that they want to rent. The extension is also able to manage availabilities of a car (product). The Magento extension is developed for a company in Singapore. You can see the extension on live site here:

Above extensions are just our highlighted Magento Extensions which are developed by Globo. We also developed many other magento extensions that we can’t show because term & condition with our customers.

We offer Magento custom extension development services

Beside on Magento Extension Development Services, Our company also provide Magento custom extension services. We completely have enough abilities to custom any Magento extensions. So, if you need to hire a Magento developer to custom Magento extension, please don’t hesitate to contact us for our supports. We will provide a reasonable price with high quality of work. You will be happy when work with our Magento developers.

We are Magento 2 extension development company

As you know, the Magento version 2.1 was launched out with more improved than the Magento verion 1.9. For example, use Knockout JS, RequireJS, PHP 7, MySQL 5, jQuery etc… With the dramatic improvements in performance, Magento 2 is worth to apply to your website.

You will be surprised that Globo developers were knowing and discovering Magento 2 early when 2.0 RC had just spread out (Magento 2.0 RC is released in November 2015). So we are ready to offer our Magento 2 extension development services. Let’s contact us if you are looking for a professional Magento 2 extension development company for a helpful collaboration.

Our process on Magento Extension Development

Step 1: Please send Magento Extension description details for what you need us to develop. We need you send document as detailed as possible. It is helpful for us to understand your requirements.

Step 2: We will read carefully your document and ask any questions to make all things clear before we develop Magento extension. We will deliver an email with fee details and time frame calculator for you then;

Step 3: You need to confirm fee agreement and pay a half of the fee to us. The rest will be sent at the end of our contract; We may negotiate the payment term depending your project size.

Step 4: Our Magento Extension Developers ready to start develop your extension based on your requests.

Step 5: Complete step 4, our quality control department will check criterion of product quality. Each Magento Extension must be reviewed carefully to ensure all things can work perfectly after we install on your website. Even if, we always try to which small errors or non-errors are not happening. Because you and we would like to save our valuable working time each other;

Step 6: Install Magento Extensions on your website and get one more check errors before live. At this time, please send the rest half of the fee to us;

Step 7: Support and fix bugs will be available any time when you need us. In condition, no effects by other developers are on the Magento Extension.