how to customize invoice in prestashop 1.6 using Prestashop custom invoice template module

In this post, we will give you instructions on the detail configurations for the Prestashop custom invoice template module.

Firstly, please go to Modules section in backend:

Prestashop custom invoice template module

In Prestashop custom invoice template module , please Then go to “Manage templates” section:

Prestashop custom invoice template module

This module provides the feature that you can create new oredit available templates:

-Creating new templates:

Please click on the “Plus” button to add a new template. A new window appears which allows you to create the new one (below screenshot). Not that you can change the size of the invoice in the “Page size” field. This field value ranges from A4 to A7. After that, please choose the design for your template as well as “Name” and “Status” information.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

-Editing font-size for PDF invoice in Prestashop 1.6

In the edit template window, if you want to change font-size of Product, you should add the exact value with pt (or px) unit. In the sample screenshot, the font size is 9pt:

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

Besides, the font-size of invoice title can also be edited in the “Invoice title size” field. Please remember to put pt/px after the font-size value.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

-How to customize invoice in Prestashop 1.6

Page orientation section will decide the view for the invoice – including two normal types: Portrait and Landscape. It also formats the invoice detail contents.

  • In the “Right to left” section: By default, the module is setting up as “Left to right”. But you can change it to match with your way of reading by select “No” in this field.
  • In Margin layout part:
  • Header margin: the space between the content and the top page can be done by adding header margin value.
  • Margin content tab: please add 4 values which are separate with each other by a space. These 4 values correspondences with 4 spaces: Left, Top, Right, and Bottom. In the below sample screenshots, I put these 4 values as default:
  • From content to the top page: 0pt
  • From content to right margin: 0pt
  • From content to bottom page: 0pt
  • From content to left margin: 0pt

You can surely change these values to match with your expectations.

  • Footer margin: the space between footer and content.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module


Moreover, you can choose the background image for your invoice in Watermark section. This module allows you to choose display text on the watermark also. In the example, I choose white background image with “Prestashop Development” text:

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

Besides, you can also change the text color, font-size, and so on in the “Customize template style” section.

In order to be more clearly, please have a look at this screenshot. All the changes for your invoice elements such as logo and invoice details can be found here:

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

When you scroll down to the bottom, an option to choose showing footer or not will appear. You need to add information for the footer and header if you decide to display them in the invoice.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

In the Manage template, you can remove/edit other invoice contents.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

You can preview your changes before saving by click on “Preview” button. When all changes are completed, please remember to click on “Save” button to make sure all changes saved.

Thanks you for user Prestashop custom invoice template module.


Install cart reminder module in pretashop 1.6.x.x via ftp

cart reminder module prestashop module is a helpful tool that provides lots of options with the aim at sending email for your customer when they haven’t succeeded to place order.

Your products, the number of visiting customer to your site as well as its advertisements are all great, but the number of order are not relevant – it’s always somehow lower than the real expectations. Customer put your products to cart, then they do not purchase. We have done some researches among normal customers and various type of online stores, and we found out some maincauses that including both objective and subjective reasons such as:

  • Drop the network suddenly
  • Compare the products with some competitor websites
  • Forget the credit card information

Despite all of these reasons, cart reminder module will help you to solve them. By using this module, you can send reminder emails for all of your customers who haven’t purchased products in cart in order to notice that they forgot to buy some great items. Moreover, you can also send unique emails with discount voucher in planned time because our module allows to configure the sending email time and templates. It is such a great point!

In the previous post, I have guided to install the cart reminder module Prestashop module by Back Office, so I will give you another way to install this module with FTP. You need to prepare one FTP client software (I used FileZilla in this guidance); and FTP server information such as User, Password, Server, and Port. Of course, please make sure that you have already had the abandoned cart Prestashop module in your computer. If you do not know how to get it, please go here to purchase one.

Firstly, you have to fill in those server information and click to “QuickConnect” button to connect to your server (screenshot below).

Once you connect to server, you should upload the module archived files to Prestashop module folder on server.

Please go to module, find the “Abandoned cart reminder” and click “Install” button:

The installation is done! It’s so easy right? Now we should configure the module so that it can work perfectly. Please follow this:

In the next screen, please click on “Plus” button:

Please add information for the system like “Name”, sending email time, and the mini cart amount requires to the system can send email.

We can choose the email template in this screen. By default, the system provide three professional email templates, you can create new template or edit current templates. To add new email templates, please click on “Add new” button, or click on “Edit” to edit email templates:

When you add new templates, the module will allow you to create new template from the 3 default templates. You can click on the arrow to switch over the templates you want, and then choose “Select” button:

You can also send a discount code to your customer by configure in “Set Discount” tab:

In the set discount popup, you should add the discount value you want:


How to install Prestashop 1.6 on Xampp

Prestashop is a free, open source e-commerce platform which has been widely used by small business owners and enterprises that are setting up their own online stores. As a result, there have a lot of Prestashop modules which are strongly supporting and really helpful with Prestashop’s user to manage their stores such as Custom invoice template module, contact form module, etc.
PrestaShop is very easy to install. Once all the files are on your web server, you should be able to start configuring your shop in short time – no less than 5 minutes. The installation process is very simple, as the installer takes care of everything for you.

How to Install Prestashop 1.7

Nowadays, selling/buying products online (or it is called as “e-commerce”) is growing rapidly. Almost all the existing business owners and new entrepreneurs are setting up their own online retail stores and selling their products and subsequently receiving payments for those products online. It is really necessary that your store does not lag or get into trouble, and gives the best shopping experience for customers. And for this to happen, Prestashop platform is highly recommended to be used to build online stores. One of the reasons we should use Prestashop is that Prestashop appears as a strong platform and has a community which provides a lot of professional modules. These Prestashop Modules will help your store more flexible: you can add/customize new features which are suitable for your business easily. This post will guide you how to install Prestashop version 1.7.x.x (I used Prestashop version You can also check and download the latest Prestashop version here:

Install prestashop CMS page as Home Page module in pretashop 1.6.x.x with FTP

There is a need that showing up the content of CMS page to the homepage in Prestashop. And there also have a lot of ways as well as modules to do this – CMS page as Home Page module. We also provide a module for this feature, and it is totally free that you can easily download from module pretashop our website.

Now I will give you instruction on how to install and configure CMS page as Home Page module in order to make it work correctly. You need to have the FTP client software such as XP FTP client, FileZilla, and so on – which is already installed on your computer.  In this post I used FileZilla. One more thing when using FTP, you should require the hosting provider to give you some hosting information such as:

IP server

FTP username

FTP password

FTP port

Besides, the configuration process also required admin account so you can go to the backend to setup module.

Firstly, please connect your FTP account to the server via FileZilla. After connecting successfully, please go to modules folder like below screenshot:

 CMS page as Home Page

You should extract the module archived files when you download it from our website, then upload these files to the module folders on hosting. When the uploading process complete, please go to the backend, find the CMS page as Home Page module to start the installation. The details for this step is in below screenshot:

 CMS page as Home Page

You can see that it has a field called “Active the module”. You should choose “Yes” to active and start using this module. When you do not want to use this module anymore, you can set the value to “No”.

 CMS page as Home Page

In this step, you can choose a CMS page to show up in homepage by selecting a value in the dropdown, then click “Save”.

If you want to add a new CMS page, please follow the below screenshot:

 CMS page as Home Page

Please add information for your new CMS pages like Title, and page content.

 CMS page as Home Page


After creating it, please go back to module configuration, and then select this new one and save:

 CMS page as Home Page

All done. 😀 You can see the result in homepage now.

 CMS page as Home Page

Install prestashop CMS page as Home Page module in pretashop 1.6.x.x with Back Office

Prestashop is  a great framework for your store, but if you want to make it more awesome and professional, you should have to install Prestashop modules. From my point of view, the showing up specific contents to Homepage features is a must-have functions that almost stores should use. You can go to our website to download this module for free: cms page as home page

In this post, I will give you an instructions on installing CMS page as Home page prestashop module in 1.6.x.x version by Back Office. You need to have access to admincp and module archived files to get started installing this module.

First step, you should go to admincp by your admin account. Then hover mouse over on “Modules” in the left side bar, then click on “Modules”.
Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

Then click on “Add a new module”:

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

A new window open, please click on “Choose a file” button to upload the module files.

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

Please choose the archived files that you have downloaded on previously:

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

Next, please choose “Open” to upload the zip file to hosting. The system will upload these files and extract them to the module folder

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

The successful message will be shown up after the above progress complete.

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

Now, let’s move to the installation part.

Please scroll down the mouse below, then choose “Install” to install this module.

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

We should configure some sections. In Select a CMS page, you can choose any CMS page to show up in the Homepage. Please make sure you have “save” the setup

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

This module also allows you to create a new CMS page in a simple way. You just need to click on “Add new CMS page” like below screenshot:

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

A new window appears, please fill in information for below fields:

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

Now let’s move back to the CMS homepage setup. You should go to the modules, and choose the CMS page in the Select a CMS page of CMS page as Homepage module.

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page

Go back to the homepage in Front-end to check the change. Then you’re all done.

Prestashop CMS page as Home Page



Install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office

Competition within the online market gets more intense every month, with many businesses improving their online marketing to keep up with the fast-paced rat race to win new customers/clients. With this in mind, it is essential to stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t just mean having a well-designed, easy to navigate website site, but also means you need to make it as easy as possible for potential customers/clients to get in touch to answer a question, make an inquiry or to place an order, and so on. The contact forms were seen as a nuisance and the general consensus was people would prefer to physically send an email or pick up the phone previously. Things have moved on since then, people are getting busier and want convenience and have now grown to trust contact forms. As a result, it is really important to have a contact form on your website.
Prestashop also provides a default Prestashop Contact Form in contact us page. As the form is just a default form, it is really hard to customize based on shop owner target/requirements. Besides, you can’t put the contact form to any other pages if you are not an experienced web developer. But now with our Prestashop Contact Form Module, you can easily create a new contact form only by drag and drop fields. It’s really simple and easy to use. You can find out our module by searching “Prestashop Contact Form Module – Form Builder Pro” and “globosoftware” on google, or you can purchase this contact form module here:
In this post, I will guide you how to install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office.
Firstly, you should hover on the “Modules” field, and then click on “Modules”:

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office


Then click on “Add a new module”

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office3

Then a window which allows you to upload module will be appeared:

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office

Next, click on “Upload this module” button.

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office

The uploading process will take some time. After uploading finish, please scroll down and press “Install” button:

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office

Now the installation is done. We move to configuration steps.
Firstly, please click on plus button (below screenshot) to create a new form:

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office

You need to add form information:

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office6

The form will be created after you save it. Please check the below screenshot. You will see the “Shortcodes” and “Smarty hook”:

  • Shortcodes: it will define the position to put the form. You just need to copy this shortcode to the content of cms page, or the product description.
  • Smarty hook: please copy this to the .tpl file in your theme.

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office8

Now let’s configure the form. You should click on “Form Builder” tab to define fields for your contact form. Currently the Prestashop Contact Form module supports a lot type of input such as Text, Select, Time.

Form Builder for Prestashop

In the “Mail” tab, you can configure the email content, email subject, andlist of receiving emails (you can add in “Admin Email Address” field.

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office9

In the “Message” tab, you can configure message content when sender’s message was sent successfully or failed.

install Prestashop Contact Form module via Back Office10

How to install Prestashop copy combination module in pretashop 1.6.x.x with Back Office

Prestashop is one of the most popular online shopping cart platform which have not only strong community but also functionality improving plugins. There exists one feature that stand out from the crowd is product variations – or we call “combinations” in Prestashop interface. The product combinations help us managing all the product information/attributes. This is really important especially with those stores that have a lot of combinations product. Currently, shop owner have to add combinations product manually while almost those combinations are the same with each product; so this job is really bored and waste time. One of my friend owns a Prestashop store which has $5,500 USD daily income. But he is so carefull and seems to be a perfectionist so he always add product combinations by himself. He tried to use some Prestashop modules previously but it turned into no result. His store doesn’t have a lot of products, but the number of combinations is quite large – several hundred of combinations with each product, so it is really a nightmare. But after using our Prestashop copy combination module, he is really excited and find that it saves him from tons of work to do. If your online shop are facing with this similar problem, the Prestashop copy combination module are the best choice for you. You can go to to download the module for your store.

The installation process is just simple. You can either install this module by FTP or Back Office. In this post, I will guide you on how to install with Back Office as this way appears to be simplest. If you want to try installing the Prestashop copy combination module with FTP, please refer here.

Install Prestashop copy combination module step by step

First steps is accessing admin backend. Please hover mouse over the “Modules”, then click on “Modules” like below screenshot:

Prestashop copy combination module

Next, please click on “Add a new modules” button – it is the plus buttonin the right top corner:

Prestashop copy combination module

Then please find the module archived file that you have just downloaded before:

Prestashop copy combination module

After choosing the archived files, please click on “Upload the module” button to upload:

Prestashop copy combination module

The uploading process will be done automatically, we should have to wait for a little bit. Then a successful message will show up:

Prestashop copy combination module

Scroll down, then find the “Install” button like below screenshot:

Prestashop copy combination module

When the installation process is complete, this screen will appear. You should configure these fields to match your requirements:

Prestashop copy combination module

The module is easy to use from user point of view, but you can go here to know more about details configuration of the Prestashop copy combination module. Wish you have fun when play with our module  !


Install Custom Invoice Template Module on Prestashop 1.6 via ftp

I have guided you to install Prestashop custom invoice template module with Back Office on Prestashop 1.6.x.x version in the previous post. As you know, there have two ways to install Prestashop modules to your store: Back Office and FTP; so I will show you the way to setup Prestashop custom invoice template module with FTP in this post. The basic steps are including:
• Decompress the module archive files to the Prestashop module folder
• Go to back office to setup this module
In general, it requires having FTP client software installed in your system in order to setup Prestashop custom invoice template Module as well as other PrestaShop modules. Some FTP software are cute FTP, XP FTP client, and FileZilla. In this tutorial, we use FileZilla FTP client. Firstly, you need to get these FTP information in order to setup edit file permissions in hosting via FTP Protocol:
• FTP Username
• FTP password
• FTP server

How to install prestashop order management module on Prestashop 1.7.x.x by FTP

In the previous post, I have guided you to install the … module by Back office. In this post, I will introduce another way to install Prestashop module with a FTP client software like FileZilla, XPFTP,… They are like a tool for uploading prestashop order management module archived file to website’s module folder.

From my point of view, the way of calculation with FTP is somehow more complex than Back Office. Of course, if you install with FTP, you will have other options such as giving folder permissions, and so on while it can’t be done with Back Office.

You have to prepare the module archived files to install any module. Please go here to purchase the module:

After purchasing complete, this module archived files need to be extracted and upload to prestashop order management module folder by FTP client software. I will provide steps by steps in detail:

Step 1: Open one FTP client software (I use FileZilla FTP), then upload the prestashop order management module archived file:

prestashop order management module

After uploading complete, let’s go to backend.

prestashop order management module

Step 2: Module configuration.

Now let’s configure the module to make it usable J

Hover over the “Modules” >> Click on “Modules and services” in the left side bar.

Click on “Configure” >> “Manage Templates”.

prestashop order management module

In order to add new templates, click on the “Add new” button:

prestashop order management module

We can choose the page size which is ranged from A4 to A7 with 7 different templates for each page size. It means that the module provides us the possibility to customize the invoice to suitable with each store.

prestashop order management module

Now, you can customize the templates by adding template name, setup header, print type, margin, padding, color, font-size, and so on.

prestashop order management module

It has a Preview option to take a look at new changes before saving. You can edit, or delete this template later for sure.

Let’s get back to the module configuration. We can setup default invoice and select options for each customer group and delivery group. After that, please switch the status of the “Active Module” field to “Yes” and then click “Save”.

prestashop order management module

prestashop order management module

How to install Prestashop Back Office protect module in pretashop 1.6.x.x with Back Office

With the development of ecommerce website on Prestashop, hacking has become a critical issue for Prestashope-store owner. These individuals can cause great damage as they can spread virus, corrupt and destroy the website, and steal customer information like their names, emails and even their credit card details. Without securing your website, you are putting your clients’ personal information in danger.

Clients lose their trust if their information is hacked. Losing clients’ trust is a great blow to your business. As websites contain valuable information, you have to keep your online store as well as client’s identity and personal information secured at all times. When they feel safe with your website, they are most likely to continue patronizing your brand and recommend it to others who are interested in your brand. That’s the reason why you should have a solution to secure your website. One of the best way to do that would be installingPrestashop modules in your store, and the Back Office Protect module seems to stand out of the crowd. You can go to our website to download Back Office Protect module pretashop:

In this post, I will guide you to set up this module with Back Office. You need to prepare two things:

  • Module archived filesby purchasing this module from our website
  • Admin account to access backend with full permissions

First step is browsing to Modules part:

Back Office protect module

Then click on the “Add a new module” button to upload the Back Office Protect module onto your store:

Back Office protect module

A new window appears, you should click on “Choose a file” to upload the archived files of Back Office Protect module.


Back Office protect module


You should browse to the zip file, and double click/click on “Open” button.


Back Office protect module


After choosing the correct module file, please click on a “Upload the module” button. The Prestashop system will do uploading as well as extracting the Back Office Protect module automatically. You should have to wait for a while before the uploading process completed.


Back Office protect module

When you receive the green message like the below screenshot, means that the uploading archived module files are successful


Back Office Protect module

Let’s move to the Installation steps. When you scroll down, the “Install” button for the Back Office Protect module is appeared. Please click on the “Install” button to install this module

This process will also be done automatically.


Now you can configure the module to match your requirements. For example, you can change admin folder name – means that the link to the admin will be hidden, so it’s more safety. Another way is turning on the email verification while logging in. The last action would be saved all the configuration, and now you are ready to use this necessary module!


Install Shoppable Instagram – Shop on your instagram gallerymodule with Back Office.

Hello! This tutorial shows how to install “Shoppable Instagram – Shop on your Instagram gallery” module with Back Office.
The installation requires module’s setup file. Please go to this link purchase this module. If you have any problems with setup module process, just let us know. We will support you to install this module. Moreover, you can request a refund while using this module within 30 days. We also provide free one-year update and free fixing bugs – lifetime warranty for this module.

Install Prestashop Invoice Module in Prestashop 1.7.x & 1.6.x

This is a quick tutorial that helps you to install Prestashop Invoice Module in Prestashop 1.7.x via Back Office.

Advanced PDF Builder – Prestashop Custom Invoice Module is an amazing module which allows you to customize invoice templates. Firstly, you should purchase the Prestashop Invoice module at this link: . With this module, you can easily create your own invoice with any page size based on 10+ pre-made templates, and a lot of other useful features for your invoice ahead.