Hello! This tutorial shows how to install “Shoppable Instagram – Shop on your Instagram gallery” module with Back Office.
The installation requires module’s setup file. Please go to this link http://www.globosoftware.net/prestashop-modules/prestashop-instagram-module/to purchase this module. If you have any problems with setup module process, just let us know. We will support you to install this module. Moreover, you can request a refund while using this module within 30 days. We also provide free one-year update and free fixing bugs – lifetime warranty for this module.

Installation guide
Firstly, please go to the Back Office >> Click on “Modules” in the left sidebar >> Click “Add a new module”

install Shoppable Instagram1

A popup for uploading module will appear. You should click on “Select File” and browse to the zip file module. Please make sure that you choose correct “g_productinstagram.zip” folder as our store uses Prestashop version 1.6.x.x. With Prestashop version 1.7.x.x, you should choose “gwadvancedinvoice-for-PS1.7.zip” folder. Please refer here to get the guidance for installing “Shoppable Instagram – Shop on your Instagram gallery” module with Back Office for Prestashop version 1.7.x.x.
Now let’s get back to upload this module. You should find the zip file, then click “Open” button.

install Shoppable Instagram2

Then click on “Upload this module”. The system will do upload file to module folder automatically.

install Shoppable Instagram3

The uploading process will be completed in some minutes.

install Shoppable Instagram4

A successful message will be shown up. You should scroll down to find “Install” button to start installing the module.

instal5 Shoppable Instagram1

Installing successful! Now we will move to configure steps. You need to have “Instagram user ID” and “Instagram Access Token”. If you don’t have this information, please click on “click here” to to get them. The details for this step are provided in the below screenshot:

install Shoppable Instagram 6

The “Shoppable Instagram – Shop on your Instagram gallery” module also provide a lot of image sizes for you to choose. You can click on the select box below to perform this action:

install Shoppable Instagram7

If you familiar with Prestashop image sizes, you will easily know about the exact size value for each product images type. But in case you do not know about those values, please check the steps in below screenshot to check them:

install Shoppable Instagram8

The exact values are shown up:

install Shoppable Instagram9

The module also allows you to add new image size in case you need your own one. You can do this action by click on “Add new image type”:

install Shoppable Instagram10

You need to fill in the required fields such as “Type name”, “Width” and “Height”.

install Shoppable Instagram11

After finish creating your own image size, you should have to do these below steps to complete the action:

install Shoppable Instagram12

Now let’s get back to the module configuration. Please go to “Modules” in the left sidebar > click on “Modules”.

install Shoppable Instagram13

Then please enter the module name in search box. For example, I enter “Instagram” in the search box, then the system will search for all modules which have “Instagram” text in their name. You choose the module and click “Configure” button.

install Shoppable Instagram14

You can clearly see that the new image size which has been created before already appear in the select box. You just need to choose it and click on “Save” button to use this image size.

install Shoppable Instagram15

Congratulations! The setup is finally complete. I believe The “Shoppable Instagram – Shop on your Instagram gallery” module will help you in not only increasing your number of orders but also offering an awesome experience for your customers. There have a lot of incredible modules for your store which is available at http://www.globosoftware.net/prestashop-modules/ , just go and enjoy it!

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