How to install Prestashop Back Office protect module in pretashop 1.6.x.x with Back Office

In this post, I will guide you to set up this module with Back Office. You need to prepare two things:

  • Module archived filesby purchasing this module from our website
  • Admin account to access backend with full permissions

First step is browsing to Modules part:

Back Office protect module

Then click on the “Add a new module” button to upload the Back Office Protect module onto your store:

Back Office protect module

A new window appears, you should click on “Choose a file” to upload the archived files of Back Office Protect module.


Back Office protect module


You should browse to the zip file, and double click/click on “Open” button.


Back Office protect module


After choosing the correct module file, please click on a “Upload the module” button. The Prestashop system will do uploading as well as extracting the Back Office Protect module automatically. You should have to wait for a while before the uploading process completed.


Back Office protect module

When you receive the green message like the below screenshot, means that the uploading archived module files are successful


Back Office Protect module

Let’s move to the Installation steps. When you scroll down, the “Install” button for the Back Office Protect module is appeared. Please click on the “Install” button to install this module

This process will also be done automatically.


Now you can configure the module to match your requirements. For example, you can change admin folder name – means that the link to the admin will be hidden, so it’s more safety. Another way is turning on the email verification while logging in. The last action would be saved all the configuration, and now you are ready to use this necessary module!

Prestashop Back Office protect


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