Install Custom Invoice Template Module on Prestashop 1.6 via ftp

I have guided you to install Prestashop custom invoice template module with Back Office on Prestashop 1.6.x.x version in the previous post. As you know, there have two ways to install Prestashop modules to your store: Back Office and FTP; so I will show you the way to setup the module with FTP in this post. The basic steps are including:
• Decompress the module archive files to the Prestashop module folder
• Go to back office to setup this module
In general, it requires having FTP client software installed in your system in order to setup Prestashop custom invoice template Module as well as other PrestaShop modules. Some FTP software is cute FTP, XP FTP client, and FileZilla. In this tutorial, we use FileZilla FTP client. Firstly, you need to get these FTP information in order to setup edit file permissions in hosting via FTP Protocol:
• FTP Username
• FTP password
• FTP server
Note that you have to use port 21 for FTP, and port 22 for SFTP.
The first step, we need to unzip the archive files. You can use WinRAR or unzip software to get it done.

install prestashop custom invoice template1

Next, you should start FileZilla FTP client program and fill in FTP information such as username, password, server. Note that you can contact with your hosting to get those credentials.
The screen shot for this step is as below.
• In the left side, please browse to the folder which you put the unzip file >> Click on this folder and choose “Upload” button.
• In the right side, please open the module folder.

install prestashop custom invoice template2


After uploading successfully, please go to Prestashop Back Office, then follow the below steps in the screenshot:


install prestashop custom invoice template1

Then we search for “gwadvancedinvoice” module, and press on “Install” button.

install prestashop custom invoice template module

After the installing process finished, let’s try to create a new template. As it is the first time we use this module, so no template available. You should click on “Click here” to create a new one.

install prestashop custom invoice template6

Click on “Plus” button to create a new template:

install prestashop custom invoice template7

The first step you need to do when creating a new template is choosing invoice page size. There have four available page sizes: A4, A5, A6, and A7.

install prestashop custom invoice template1

Currently, Custom Invoice Template Module for Prestashop provides eight professional templates for each size. We will add more templates in the future. You can definitely edit those templates with your own style:

install prestashop custom invoice template8

You should name the template that you create in a logical way, so you can easily find them to custom/edit later.

install prestashop custom invoice template9

You can also preview what you have customized by click on “Preview” button. If all are good, click on “Save” button to save the template.

install prestashop custom invoice template10

After creating a new invoice template, you can configure it for default invoice, customer group, and delivery like below screenshot:

install Prestashop custom invoice

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