How to Install Prestashop 1.7

Nowadays, selling/buying products online (or it is called as “e-commerce”) is growing rapidly. Almost all the existing business owners and new entrepreneurs are setting up their own online retail stores and selling their products and subsequently receiving payments for those products online. It is really necessary that your store does not lag or get into trouble, and gives the best shopping experience for customers. And for this to happen, Prestashop platform is highly recommended to be used to build online stores. One of the reasons we should use Prestashop is that Prestashop appears as a strong platform and has a community which provides a lot of professional modules. These Prestashop Modules will help your store more flexible: you can add/customize new features which are suitable for your business easily. This post will guide you how to install Prestashop version 1.7.x.x (I used Prestashop version You can also check and download the latest Prestashop version here:


Uploading Prestashop can be done using any free FTPtools to upload files to the host. FileZilla ( is one of my best choice because it is not only easy to use but also stable. You need to have FTP or SFTP information which includes server link, username, password. If you do not have them, you should contact your host to get this information.

Note that some hosts may require you to place your files in a specific folder, such as /htdocs, /public_html, /web, /www, /, etc; while other hosts’ FTP server will directly log you into the upload space.

Install pretashop 1.7.x.x


Uploading can take several minutes.

Creating a database for your shop

Before you can actually install PrestaShop, you need to make sure your MySQL server has a database ready for PrestaShop’s data. If not, you must create one.

The system will require database information to create a database for your store. You need to have:

  • Database name
  • Database server
  • Username and password to access database

You can easily get this information by 2 ways:

  • Request hosting provider to provide database information
  • Create database by yourself

Depending on different hosting providers, there exists a lot of ways to create a database, but the steps will be as follow: Click on Database tab > Enter Database name > Create.

install pretashop 1.7.x.x step2


The installation progress is really fast and simple.

  • If you want your shop to be the main website for your domain name (i.e.,, please upload Prestashop to the root folder of host such as /htdocs, /public_html, /web, /www, and so on. The root folder can be different and depends on the host.
  • If you want your shop to be the sub-folder of your domain name (i.e.,, you must create a folder through FileZilla, then upload PrestaShop in that folder.

After that, the installation will be get started.

Step 1: Welcome page

This is the first step in the process. You must choose the language to be installed in the select box, then click “Next”.

Install pretashop 1.7.x.x step2

Step 2: Prestashop’s licenses

It shows Prestashop’s license terms. Tick on the checkbox to agree with licenses, then click “Next” to continue.


Step 3: System Compatibility

The system will check if the server parameters on your host is compatible with current Prestashop version. These parameters may include PHP version, access file, and folder permissions, etc. If nothing wrong is found, you will be taken directly to next step.

Install pretashop 1.7.x.x step 4

Step 4: Information about your store.

You can customize your shop information in this step. You can give it a name, choose a country, time zone, your name, email address, and so on. After filling in information, click “Next” to continue.

install pretashop 1.7.x.x


Step 5: System configuration

You need to fill in database information on this page. All this information should have been provided in “Creating a database for your shop” in the previous step.

install pretashop 1.7.x.x step5


After clicking on “Next” button, the install will get started on configuring your shop:

  • Creating file parameters
  • Creating database tables
  • Creating default shop and languages
  • Populating database tables
  • Configuring shop information
  • Installing demonstration data

install pretashop 1.7.x.x step6


Step 6: Completing the installation

The installation is almost finished, you should have to click on “Manage your store” to make a couple of last actions:

install pretashop 1.7.x.x step7


This page appears.

install pretashop 1.7.x.x


It informs that we have to delete the install folder. We can do this by using FileZilla like below screenshot:

install pretashop 1.7.x.x step8


Note that the URL link to backend has been created. For the security reason, new admin folder will be created randomly every time you install Prestashop. The admin access is the one you have created in Step 4.

Congratulations! The installation is now complete.

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