How to install Prestashop 1.6 on Xampp

Prestashop is a free, open source e-commerce platform which has been widely used by small business owners and enterprises that are setting up their own online stores. As a result, there have a lot of Prestashop modules which are strongly supporting and really helpful with Prestashop’s user to manage their stores such as Custom invoice template module, contact form module, etc.
PrestaShop is very easy to install. Once all the files are on your web server, you should be able to start configuring your shop in short time – no less than 5 minutes. The installation process is very simple, as the installer takes care of everything for you.
Before start install Prestashop you need do follow work

1. Create database.


2. You have to download PrestaShop at , and then extract in htdocs folder.
To launch the installer, simply browse to PrestaShop’s location on your web server: the script will automatically detect that PrestaShop is not yet installed, and will take you to the auto installer.
You can also directly type the address of the /install folder:
For example, My folder is prestashop1606.I can directly type the address
http://localhost:8080/prestashop1606 or http://localhost:8080/prestashop1606/install
There are 6 steps. At the top of the page, the installation assistant gives you a visualization of where you are in the process: the gray circles turn into green check marks after each step is completed.

Step 1: Welcome page

You can choose the language to install and click “Next”

How to install Prestashop 1.6 on Xampp

Step 2:  Licenses

You can click to checkbox and click Next button


Step3: Information about your Store

You need to enter information in text box, select box, checkbox and click Next to continue


Step 5: System Configuration

This page contains a form that enables you to tell PrestaShop where the database server is, and which database it should use, along with a few other details


Step 6 Store installation

Click “Next”: the install will start configuring your shop, creating and populating the database tables, etc. This might take a few minutes: please be patient and do not touch your browser!


You need to delete or rename folder /install


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