how to customize invoice in prestashop 1.6 using Prestashop custom invoice template module

In this post, we will give you instructions on the detail configurations for the Prestashop custom invoice template module.

If you haven’t yet installed the module. You could download here:

Prestashop Addons:

Globo website:

Firstly, please go to Modules section in backend:

Prestashop custom invoice template module

In Prestashop custom invoice template module , please Then go to “Manage templates” section:
Prestashop custom invoice template module

This module provides the feature that you can create new oredit available templates:

-Creating new templates:

Please click on the “Plus” button to add a new template. A new window appears which allows you to create the new one (below screenshot). Not that you can change the size of the invoice in the “Page size” field. This field value ranges from A4 to A7. After that, please choose the design for your template as well as “Name” and “Status” information.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

-Editing font-size for PDF invoice in Prestashop 1.6

In the edit template window, if you want to change font-size of Product, you should add the exact value with pt (or px) unit. In the sample screenshot, the font size is 9pt:

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

Besides, the font-size of invoice title can also be edited in the “Invoice title size” field. Please remember to put pt/px after the font-size value.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

-How to customize invoice in Prestashop 1.6

Page orientation section will decide the view for the invoice – including two normal types: Portrait and Landscape. It also formats the invoice detail contents.

  • In the “Right to left” section: By default, the module is setting up as “Left to right”. But you can change it to match with your way of reading by select “No” in this field.
  • In Margin layout part:
  • Header margin: the space between the content and the top page can be done by adding header margin value.
  • Margin content tab: please add 4 values which are separate with each other by a space. These 4 values correspondences with 4 spaces: Left, Top, Right, and Bottom. In the below sample screenshots, I put these 4 values as default:
  • From content to the top page: 0pt
  • From content to right margin: 0pt
  • From content to bottom page: 0pt
  • From content to left margin: 0pt

You can surely change these values to match with your expectations.

  • Footer margin: the space between footer and content.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module


Moreover, you can choose the background image for your invoice in Watermark section. This module allows you to choose display text on the watermark also. In the example, I choose white background image with “Prestashop Development” text:

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

Besides, you can also change the text color, font-size, and so on in the “Customize template style” section.

In order to be more clear, please have a look at this screenshot. All the changes for your invoice elements such as logo and invoice details can be found here:

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

When you scroll down to the bottom, an option to choose showing footer or not will appear. You need to add information to the footer and header if you decide to display them in the invoice.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

In the Manage template, you can remove/edit other invoice contents.

Prestashop Custom Invoice module

You can preview your changes before saving by click on “Preview” button. When all changes are completed, please remember to click on “Save” button to make sure all changes saved.

Thanks for your interesting in Prestashop custom invoice template module.


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